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okay so they can turn 50 shades of grey into a fucking a movie and they can’t do it for my yugioh x full house crossover fanfiction??? 

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I badly need new music to listen!!!

I somehow got tired of a lot of songs, because I listen so often to my Mp3 Player lately, haha… Can anyone recommend me some good singers/bands alike the ones below? (I am very open to new stuff, but they should be at least a bit similar to the ones I listen to, so kinda Rock/Pop!)
Thanks in advance! :)

Here’s what I normally listen to:

Please also tell me some good songs, so I can check them out~?

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◘ My favourite scenes from the first Digimon movie, Part 1/2 ◘

I loved this movie as a kid and it is still one of the most hilarious short movies I know of, so I just had to gif it. I still laugh tears every time I watch it^^ And it was so much fun to gif :D (I translated the subs straight from the German Dub, I don’t know if it is very different from other Dubs or the Japanese original…)

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Nino in Monokuro

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A few years later…


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— Ursula K. Le Guin

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Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi!!

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and… i just love this creature !